How do I know whether I need therapy?

At times this question may be relatively easy to answer and at other times more difficult.  

Sometimes individuals come into therapy because of consequences they’ve experienced in their life due to their behavior.  
Perhaps a spouse or boss has given them an ultimatum, such as “Change or else…”.  

At other times, it may be because they are feeling depressed, anxious, or are experiencing some other emotion that is
causing significant discomfort or difficulty in functioning.  

And then there are times when an individual may be referred by another physician who is concerned about the person's
health and the consequences that their behavior may be having.    

In any case, the first step is to meet with a qualified and experienced professional to explore whether therapy might be
indicated,  and what their recommendations might be.  

Any reputable psychiatrist will also tell you when they do not feel that therapy or treatment is needed.
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