What is your financial policy?

All payments must be made at or before the time of service delivery.  We provide appropriate
documentation which allows our patients who choose to file for reimbursement the documentation
they need to do so.  We do not deal directly with health insurance companies, nor do we complete or
sign forms, provide treatment plans, or forward records.   We accept checks, cash and credit cards

Our services are provided by appointment only and when a patient schedules an appointment, time is
reserved for that patient and not available to others. Missed appointments, as well as those cancelled
with less than a minimum 24 business hours’ notice (48 hour minimum on extended sessions and 1
full week minimum notice on intensives, which are appointments over 120 minutes scheduled in one
day) will be charged the fee for the visit.  A current, completed
Missed Appointment/Payment of
Services Credit Card Authorization will be held on file for each patient to cover missed
appointment, prescription refills, phones contacts and sessions and other billable services.

For those patients who are receiving assistance from family members or other third parties, we have
authorization to charge a credit card form that may be signed by the card holder.  A copy of the
card, front and back must accompany the form and the agreement also applies to payment of missed
or late cancelled sessions as well.   Payment is still due at or before the time of service.  No credit
card will be accepted if the presenter is not the card holder unless we have the signed credit card
form on file.  

We also offer the options of Intuit Payment Services and Pay Pal on our website.  You do not need a
Pay Pal account in order to use this service.  When utilizing Pay Pal allow extra time for funds to be
received (usually 2 business days)
before a service is requested or an appointment scheduled.  

Financing for treatment is also available through third party behavioral health care financing
companies.  It provides an opportunity for individuals to obtain the treatment they need now, at a
frequency which is more beneficial to their overall treatment, while making monthly payments that
are lower than the services received.  We do not offer financing through our office, but felt that it
would be worthwhile to mention this option so that interested parties could look into it.
Stonebriar Psychiatric Services, P.A.