Why don't you take insurance?

Our patients are able to use their medical reimbursement or

HSA cards to pay for their treatment.

We have chosen not to participate as providers with insurance plans

in order to focus on patient care and to avoid what Dr. Tharp believes

are excessive intrusions into patient confidentiality by insurance companies.

Unlike offices who are obligated to surrender all patient records at the whim of

the insurance  companies, follow arbitrary insurance guidelines

and answer to insurance companies in matters regarding your care,  

we have a specialized, fee for service practice

providing the highest standards in training, experience,

expertise, privacy, and confidentiality.  We protect your private information

and leave disclosure decisions to you, our valued patient.

Upon patient request, we provide a coded receipt – which includes

diagnosis code(s) - that may be used to submit for reimbursement,

but you are in control of whether you submit that information

to your carrier and how much information you care to provide.   

We do not accept phone calls from, complete forms for or

submit treatment plans to insurance companies.  

You may request that the diagnosis code be omitted from your receipt

if you do not intend to submit it for insurance reimbursement, or if you plan

to submit receipts on your income tax and do not want the diagnosis included.
Stonebriar Psychiatric Services, P.A.