What is my role as a patient in the therapy process?

It is extremely important to understand that any form of psychotherapy represents a
relationship and a two-way process.  

No therapist has the ability to "fix" anyone.  

Your role in therapy is to be as open and honest as possible with your therapist and
to recognize that your ideas, feelings, and understanding of what may be going on in
and out of the therapy session is vital to the therapeutic process.  

At times, patients may be hesitant to disagree with their therapist or to speak out
regarding what they feel is or is not helpful in treatment for fear of upsetting the
therapist or hurting his or her feelings.  Any sensitive and competent therapist should
welcome input from the patient regarding what they are feeling and how they
perceive the therapeutic process.  

It is also important to be willing to attend therapy sessions on a regular basis as
scheduled by mutual agreement in order to gain maximum benefit.
Stonebriar Psychiatric Services, P.A.