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Child Therapy Services

With children under the age of 13, it is necessary to complete a Family Systems Assessment and integrate
family therapy into the individual treatment.  This is generally recommended after the therapist has had an
opportunity to meet with the child on one or more occasions to form a therapeutic alliance and rapport.

The Assessment provides the therapist with important information on the history and backgrounds of other family members,
including the parents, and provides significant insight into parental beliefs and values as well as the way
the family system operates.  The child who is in therapy lives and functions in this family system and by incorporating
family therapy into the treatment protocol, treatment is extended beyond the actual therapy sessions and
brings the family into the healing process.

Parents are kept informed of treatment progress via these subsequent family sessions. This venue also provides an
opportunity for the therapist to observe how the family unit relates and interacts and provide feedback and suggestions.

Because the issues of trust and building a therapeutic relationship are so crucial with the child and his or her ability to
feel safe in talking about the problems with which they are struggling, parents are generally not informed of
everything that is discussed in the therapy.  

Exceptions to confidentiality would include issues that would present clear risk or danger to the child, and the
child is informed of this at the beginning of treatment.  

The ultimate goal is to help the child develop better skills for managing his/her daily life and relationships, to begin to
fully appreciate his or her innate value as an individual, and to better communicate and relate in more healthy ways
with parents and other family members, with peers, and with teachers.
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