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New Couple's
Comprehensive Marital Evaluation
Prior to scheduling your Comprehensive Marital Evaluation, you will complete and submit the forms on our website,
along with a non-refundable application and review fee.  These forms will be completed individually by each partner for
the individual assessments and for the comprehensive marital assessment.  The fee is for Wendy's time to review all
submitted material to determine if you are candidates for intensive treatment.

Once all of the completed forms are submitted, reviewed, and accepted by Wendy, you will be able to move forward
with scheduling your Comprehensive Marital Evaluation.

While our Comprehensive Marital Evaluation is designed to flow into a second day of Intensive Marital Counseling, it is
also offered as a stand-alone intensive appointment for those wanting to understand the issues in their relationship and
then begin weekly 90-minute counseling sessions or, for those living out of the area, return to a local counselor for
ongoing follow-up.

An Intensive Marital Evaluation can also be helpful to provide insight into what will be required to improve, restore or
save a relationship so the partners can decide whether they are ready to commit to the necessary work, whether in the
intensive or weekly format.

Why do we include individual assessments?  For several reasons.  Most importantly, intensive work is better served
when the therapist knows and understands each individual partner and what they are bringing to the relationship.  
When you are investing your time and resources in intensive therapy, we want to do all we can to facilitate your
maximum benefit from the experience.

From a practical standpoint, it provides each partner with a diagnosis, which is a requirement for any insurance
reimbursement you may be submitting for.  At your request, the diagnosis code can be added to your receipt if you
plan to submit to your insurance.  A relationship can not have a diagnosis.
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Partner Evaluation
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