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Crisis or Trauma Intervention
Individual, Couples or Family
It can come from anywhere, or out of nowhere.  An unexpected event turns your world
upside down, you are overwhelmed and you just don't know where to turn.  
It can be the loss of a relationship, loss of a job, unexpected death of a loved one,
trauma, being a victim of any number of types of assault, sudden illness,
terminal diagnosis, discovery or revelation of an affair, and on and on.

Sometimes the event can be anticipated as in the death of a terminal friend or
family member, the finalization of a divorce, the realization of the "empty nest", or
a child leaving for college, but when the reality hits, your emotions go into overdrive.  You
need a safe place to process the event and the feelings resulting from it.

Stonebriar Psychiatric Services is here to help you with
Intensive Intervention that will jump start your healing and recovery.  
Wendy makes intervention available in half day and full day options.  Depending on
your specific situation, she can help you unpack the emotional turmoil, determine
strategies for coping and dealing with the event(s) and create a treatment plan
to help you get through your stressful time.

The session time will be divided into 90 minute increments:
2 sessions in the half day and 4 sessions in the full day.

The first 90 minute session will deal with your current stressor.

The second 90 minute session will be a strategy session where
you will learn tools to utilize in dealing with your feelings
between your intensive and follow-up sessions

On the full day Intervention, there will be a break here for lunch.  For those opting
for the half day intervention, the following two sessions will be scheduled
during regular office hours as time is available.  The full day intervention
will include all four components.

The third 90 minute session will be an evaluation (Individual, Couples or Family)

The fourth and final 90 minute session will be both an intensive therapy session
and planning session

Half Day Crisis/Trauma Intervention                $ 1,300.00

Full Day Crisis/Trauma Intervention                 $ 2,400.00

2-Day Crisis/Trauma Intervention                      $ 4,700.00

Intensives must be scheduled and prepaid in the office in order to reserve the time.
Due to the crisis nature of your need, we will schedule your time as soon
as possible after payment has been made.   
Completed intake forms must be submitted at that time.  
The remainder of the forms will be brought with you on your intervention day.         
Due to the preparation involved as well as the efforts at clearing the schedule for your
Crisis Intervention Session, there can be no cancellations or rescheduling of the time once
the session has been scheduled.
There will be no refunds for money prepaid for said session,
whether or not the appointment is kept.            
By prepaying and scheduling a Crisis Intervention session, individuals acknowledge
and agree to abide by the terms as stated above.