Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need therapy?

At times this question may be relatively easy to answer and at other times more difficult.  

Sometimes individuals come into therapy because of consequences they’ve experienced in their life due to their behavior.  Perhaps a
spouse or boss has given them an ultimatum, such as “Change or else…”.  

Another reason one might seek help is in dealing with the consequences experienced due to the behavior of others.  This may be the
discovery of a spouse's affair, being passed over for a promotion at work, or the loss of a significant relationship through moving,
alienation or death.

At other times, it may be because they are feeling depressed, anxious, or are experiencing some other emotion that is causing
significant discomfort or difficulty in functioning.  

And then there are times when an individual may be referred by another physician who is concerned about the person's health and the
consequences that their behavior may be having.    

In any case, the first step is to meet with a qualified and experienced professional to explore whether therapy might be indicated,  and
what their recommendations might be.  

Any reputable psychiatrist will also tell you when they do not feel that therapy or treatment is needed.

How long do sessions last?

Initial evaluations will generally be approximately 60 minutes in length.  

Individual therapy appointment is 45-50 minutes, although longer sessions may be scheduled at pro-rated fees.  60 minute sessions are
available, as needed and can be utilized if desired when only a 45-50 minute appointment was originally scheduled.  90 and 120 minute
Individual and/or couple's appointments must be scheduled ahead of time.  

Medication follow-up in which the individual is seeing another therapist for psychotherapy will be 20-25 minutes.  

Marital, couple’s and family sessions start at 45-50 minutes;  however longer sessions are available and usually recommended.  

There are options for 90 and 120 minutes.  Most couples and families prefer the longer sessions, which must be scheduled in

Fees are charged based on the time reserved or the time used, whichever is greater.    

Missed or late-cancelled appointments will be charged for the time reserved.

What are your office hours?

Our regular office hours are M-Th from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.  We have some 7:30 appointments available with both the
doctor and the therapist.  The therapist also makes some after-hours appointments available at a $25 after-hours surcharge.

What is your financial policy?

All payments must be made at or before the time of service delivery.  We provide appropriate documentation which allows our patients
who choose to file for reimbursement the documentation they need to do so.  We do not deal directly with health insurance companies,
nor do we complete or sign forms, provide treatment plans, or forward records.   We accept checks, cash and credit cards

Our services are provided by appointment only and when a patient schedules an appointment, time is reserved for that patient and not
available to others.
Missed appointments, as well as those cancelled with less than a minimum 24 business hours’ notice (48 hour
minimum on extended sessions and 1 full week minimum notice on intensives, which are appointments over 120 minutes scheduled in
one day) will be charged the fee for the visit.  A current, completed
Missed Appointment/Payment of Services Credit Card
Authorization will be held on file for each patient to cover missed appointment, prescription refills, phones contacts and sessions and
other billable services.  The only alternative to this form would be to maintain a running credit balance (paid ahead) of at least two
sessions, with each subsequent visit paid at the time to keep the credit balance at the appropriate level.

For those patients who are receiving assistance from family members or other third parties, we have an
authorization to charge a
credit card form that may be signed by the card holder.  A copy of the card, front and back must accompany the form and the
agreement also applies to payment of missed or late cancelled sessions as well.   Payment is still due at or before the time of service.
No credit card will be accepted if the presenter is not the card holder unless we have the signed credit card form on file.  

We also offer the option of credit card payments through our website.  

Why don't you take insurance?

Our patients are able to use their medical reimbursement or HSA cards to pay for their treatment.

We have chosen not to participate as providers with insurance plans in order to focus on patient care and to avoid what Dr. Tharp believes are
excessive intrusions into patient confidentiality by insurance companies.

Unlike offices who are obligated to surrender records, follow arbitrary insurance guidelines and answer to insurance companies in matters
regarding your care,  we have a specialized, fee for service practice providing the highest standards in training, experience, expertise, privacy,
and confidentiality.

Upon patient request, we provide a coded receipt – which includes diagnosis code(s) - that may be used to submit for reimbursement, but you
are in control of whether you submit that information to your carrier and how much information you care to provide.   

We do not accept phone calls from, complete forms for or submit treatment plans to insurance companies.  We will not send records to insurance
companies, including life insurance companies.  Patients may request copies of their records to use as they see fit, including forwarding to
insurance companies.  There is a fee for the records depending on the number of pages.  $25 for 0-20 pages,  $.50 / page over 20.  This must be
paid prior to releasing records.  

You may request that the diagnosis code be omitted from your receipt if you do not intend to submit it for insurance reimbursement, or if you
plan to submit receipts on your income tax and do not want the diagnosis included.

Why do we charge for missed appointments?  

Our fees are based upon the time used or the time scheduled, whichever is greater.  The time has been reserved specifically for you and
unavailable to other patients.  Unlike other medical specialties, we can not double book appointment slots, so when a patient late cancels or
does not show for any reason, the slot can not be filled with another patient from our waiting list.  

By scheduling an appointment, you acknowledge your responsibility to commit to being here for that appointment time or giving
at least the
minimum required notice.  In many instances, if we are able to have contact with you, you may be offered a phone session to take advantage of
the time.  It is up to the patient whether to accept the phone session, but doing so or not will not alter the fee for the appointment.
Dr. David Tharp, board certified psychiatrist and counselor, is ready to meet your counseling and psychiatric needs.  Offering a broad range of services, including evaluation,  psychotherapy, counseling and medication
management.  Call us if you are struggling with depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, ADHD, family or marital issues, compulsive behaviors such as sexual addiction, post-traumatic stress
related to past abuse, or self esteem issues.
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