Stonebriar Psychiatric Services, P.A.
3550 Parkwood Blvd.  Suite 705
Frisco, TX  75034
Individual Intensive Services
In order to expand our services to those who are in
difficulty or can not attend regular therapy sessions,
we offer individual intensive appointments with our
Staff Therapist, Wendy Copeland.  

Individual intensive appointments can be half day or full day,
depending on the patient's needs.  They can be utilized "as needed" when called for in
the course of regular therapy,
or scheduled monthly for individuals who travel for
business or have problems getting away from work or
finding childcare on a weekly basis.

Intensive sessions can be quite useful in dealing with past trauma or abuse, current
crises or stressors, grief,
loss, and life transitions.

Half day sessions will consist of two 90-minute sessions separated by a break.

Full Day sessions with include two morning 90-minute sessions separated by a break,
lunch on your own
and two afternoon 90 - minute sessions separated by a break.