Intensive Marital Counseling
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Marriage Intensives can be an extremely effective way to heal and restore a couple's marriage or to improve a good
marriage.  Many couples wait years
after problems emerge in a relationship to seek professional  intervention.
By the time they begin counseling, seeing a therapist 1-4 times a month
for 90 minute sessions isn't as effective as they'd like.  It can take an
entire session for some couples to even bring up core issues,
let alone resolve them.

Other couples may find themselves in a crisis situation, overwhelmed
and needing help to deal with their circumstances and feelings.  
Acute affair recovery, long term or repeated infidelity,
other actions that cause
a rupture in trust, apathy in one or both partners,
dissatisfaction with the marriage or life in general, catastrophic events, unexpected illness or death of a family
chronic illness, behavioral issues with children, blended families, adoption, and caring for aging parents are a few

Many couples coming into a Marriage Intensive are hurting, discouraged and have lost hope.   Some are wounded
and reeling
from a recent discovery.  Marriage Intensives are a valuable
way for couples in crisis to rebuild trust and restore
their love for one another.

Stonebriar Psychiatric Services provides a safe, accepting and
nurturing environment to begin the work of identifying
root causes of your marital distress.  Wendy will assess
the dynamics and issues in the relationship and work with you
to develop a comprehensive customized treatment plan for
each of you as individuals and as a couple. You will learn how
to deepen your connection, increase communication
through empathy and listening, and understand and value
your differences.  You will also learn to resolve conflicts,
restore trust, change dynamics and patterns, reduce blame,
accept responsibility where indicated, and move through
impasses and areas of grid lock.

Marriage Intensives are also ideal for the busy professional couples
who are unable to regularly take time for 90 minute appointments
on a weekly basis.  Those who travel a great deal for work also find this
approach to be a better fit to their lives.  The dedicated extended time
allows the couple to go deeper faster to accelerate the work of healing.  Substituting monthly intensive appointments
for 90 minute weekly
appointments can prove to be a convenient and effective option for those
who travel for work, or otherwise have difficulty taking
time on a weekly basis for their appointments.

Marriage Intensives allow couples to escape the distractions of work,
children, computer, cell phones, and other intrusions so that spouses can
give their full, undivided attention to each other and to healing or
improving their marriage.

The Intensive Therapy approach is also extremely helpful for couples
who may be on the verge of separation or divorce or in severe pain
that they are unable to work through and move beyond.  
Often couples want to give the marriage one last try before making any
decisions.  Considering the financial and emotional costs associated with separation and/or divorce, many couples
choose to invest in intensive
therapy before they consider taking that step.  

The daily intensive schedule can be viewed

For couples new to our practice, the way to start is
with a
Comprehensive Marital Evaluation.
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