Whether you are considering intensives for convenience, expediency, or due to a crisis or urgent situation, they
can be effective and beneficial in a number of circumstances.

Why consider intensive treatment?

*   Provides an excellent "jump start" to treatment    

*   Solves the difficulty of keeping regular appointments for those who travel frequently for work
or have difficulty taking time from work on a regular basis   

*   Individuals with child care challenges on a regular basis    

*  Trust Rupture (emotional or sexual infidelity)    

*   Grief Issues (death of a child or family member, suicide attempt or completed suicide within the family)     

*   Trauma (past or current which affects the individual or marriage and partners)    

*   Extra, focused time when individuals feel "stuck" or in a power struggle and unable to move past it    

*   To educate and facilitate the learning of the essential skills of IMAGO dialogue  

*   Closure (divorce or the end of a relationship)    

*   FAMILY INTENSIVE:  Helpful for crisis counseling and decision making

Sessions exceeding the scheduled time will be paid the day of the intensive
or the balance will be charged to the credit card listed on your completed
Payment of Services form.
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