Intensive treatment is not for everyone, but it can truly be a God send to individuals and couples
in extreme discomfort, emotional pain, or crisis.  
In order to evaluate whether this would be a viable approach
for you, all completed forms must be submitted with your application.  
If it is determined that Intensive Appointments are appropriate
for your treatment, you will be contacted to discuss scheduling your
session(s).  Because of the amount of time required, scheduling
is subject to availability and fees must be prepaid.

Changes and cancellations require 2 full weeks' notice.  Sessions exceeding their allotted time
will incur additional charges which must be paid the day of the intensive.

If you are new to Stonebriar Psychiatric Services, you will begin
with the Comprehensive Marital
or Individual Evaluation, followed by a day of
Intensive Marital
or Individual Counseling.  

If you are established patients with Stonebriar Psychiatric Services, and have completed a

Marital Evaluation along with Individual Evaluations on both partners, you may go directly
to scheduling your Intensive Marital Counseling.  
If you have only completed a portion of the 3 evaluations, the missing evaluation(s)

must be completed prior to scheduling your Intensive Marital Counseling.

Intensives are also useful when there are external time constraints and deadlines.

Intensives can only be conducted outside of normal business hours due to the
amount of time they require.  Because of this, fees are more than just a
sum of the therapy sessions involved in order to cover increased facility
and staff costs which we incur to provide this convenience to you.





Scheduling and Fees
Comprehensive Marital Evaluation:  Includes 2 90-min Individual Evaluations,
1 90-min Couples Evaluation and 1 60-minute planning
For couples who have had a Marital Evaluation: Includes 2 90-min Individual
Evaluations, 1 90-min      Couples Therapy Session and 1 60-minute planning
Intensive Marital Counseling (6 hours) - only available to couples already
established at Stonebriar Psychiatric Services and have completed all
components of the Comprehensive Marital Evaluation
2-Day Package including the Comprehensive Marital Evaluation and the
Intensive Marital Counseling (
3 hours the first day and 6 hours on the second
) on two consecutive days.     
2 Consecutive Days of Intensive Marital Counseling (12 hours)     
Individual FullDay Session including 1 90-minute Evaluation and 270 minutes
of therapy, in incremental
session as determined by therapist
Individual Full Day Intensive (6 hours divided per therapist's discretion) for
established patients only
$  1950.00
Individual Half Day Intensive (3 hours divided per therapist's discretion)  for
established patients only
$ 1,000.00
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