Certified IMAGO Relationship Specialist
Wendy with her friend,
Doc, at her in-laws' ranch
Wendy in Colorado
More fun at the ranch

TBRI encompasses principles and intervention strategies in working with children and  adolescents
who come from painful situations (mental., physical, emotional traumas; fragmented families,
foster-situations, orphans)  and who struggle with forming safe, healthy emotional bonds with their
caregivers and families.  

TBRI is evidenced-based, grounded in neurointerpersonal biology, and incorporates the tenets of
sensory processing and learning.  

The TBRI principles esteemed by TCU's Dr. Purvis, Dr. Cross and staff honor the inherent worth and
value of every child, teen, and adult.  TBRI supports healing and growth of children and adolescents
from hard places.
Wendy has a rich history of training and experience that enables her to treat patients with
a broad spectrum of issues, disorders and challenges.  You can see her background

Wendy is experienced in treating individuals with depression, anxiety, mood disorders,
eating disorders, trauma, grief and loss, addictions, OCD, stress and social issues.

To learn more, you can explore on the links below.  Relationships are at the heart of who
we are and how we relate.   Disruptions in or hyper-focus on relationships with  self,
others, God, and  even "things" can  create all sorts of symptoms, problems and issues.  
Learning to live at peace in relationship  will bring more stability to your life.  Wendy
has special certifications in two different but related types of Relationship Therapy as
can bring a breath of fresh air to your life and free you to work on the issues that brought
you to therapy.
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