My background includes a Masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of North Texas with an undergraduate degree in
Psychology from Texas A & M University.   (Yes indeed, I am an Aggie! )

I am also a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, with extensive clinical training in relationship theory and therapy.   This
certification is an extension of my ongoing commitment to helping individuals, couples and families connect, heal and grow
through relationship.   

My passion is to provide the most comprehensive, effective therapeutic practices and support to those seeking mental and
emotional healing.  This passion also requires authenticity, as what is shared in the office must also be practiced faithfully at
home in my own relationships.   This calls for my own personal ongoing integration of learning and growth as well.

By the time an individual, couple, or family has made the decision to seek counseling services, they are typically experiencing
powerful, painful emotions.  Significant life challenges such as relationship rupture, trauma, fear and anxiety, emotional distress,
grief, depression, or substance abuse or dependence may dominate their reality.  As such, they may feel overwhelmed, hopeless,
and worn-through with emotional and physical exhaustion.  Many describe fighting a battle that they cannot seem to win.  Despite
attempts to regain stability and security, the loss of control over their lives and relationships rages on.  

My work focuses on partnering with people in their journey and enlivening hope.   We meet in an intentional place of respite and
safety to do the life-changing work of healing and growth.  This work involves expressing self fully, experiencing understanding as
well as gaining insight.   In a safe and supportive relational environment, clients can speak openly and are freed up to identify and
clarify the stuck places of their lives, to gain perspective and traction, to identify and address defenses and blockages that inhibit
and undermine growth, and to move into clarifying and realizing their vision for their lives.

Learning and environment are powerful shaping forces in our lives.  We are born with genetic predispositions and characteristics.  
We may have our mother’s eyes, our father’s hair, and our grandfather’s ears.    We also may have our mother’s tendency to
withdraw when feeling hurt, or our father’s flaring temper that teaches others to back off, or our great aunt’s tendency to worry
and hold high levels of anxiety.  We learn, we observe, we adapt, and we develop.  

We were born into relationship, by way of our family and thus we are supported and/or wounded in relationship.   So, relationship
is a powerful instrument of healing or destruction.

If we can be wounded in relationship in childhood, then it stands to reason that we can also heal in relationship.  Much of my work
focuses on facilitating natural  healing processes, beginning within the safety of the therapeutic relationship, and then extending
outwards to meaningful relationships that engage the individual, couple, or family.  

I am honored and humbled to witness the personal and relational growth that takes place as patients gain perspective, knowledge,
clarity, personal awareness, and the specific tools they need to handle their challenges.

My therapy style incorporates understanding of how the mind and emotions work, including the neurobiological and related
physiological impact of thought, emotion, and experience.   I incorporate therapeutic process as well as insightful information to
grow through circumstances and to heal.    I specialize in meeting people in the place of loss, disconnection, and broken-
heartedness, where hope feels scarce.   This is an immense honor and privilege.   

Stonebriar Psychiatric Services serves individuals from a variety of belief systems and backgrounds.   We also serve the unique
needs of the faith community and those specifically desiring faith-based services.   Many of my patients specifically request
Christian Counseling that focuses on incorporating their spiritual journey, unique walk with Christ, and the wisdom and truth of
scripture to bring healing and understanding.   It is an honor to partner with them as they discover themselves and their
relationship as the Beloved of Christ.
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