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"Dr. Tharp has helped me cope with my lifelong eating disorder as well as my bipolar disorder.  I truly feel that I owe my life to the treatment I have received from Dr.
Tharp" - M. M.

"Dr. Tharp was extremely professional, compassionate, and supportive."    - P. K.

"I cannot say how much Dr. Tharp has helped me.  He is one of the only people I have ever completely trusted in my 38 years of living." - D.R.

"Dr. Tharp is a very good listener, and I felt he really heard me out before making suggestions or changes in meds.  I really appreciated him." - K.C.

"Dr. Tharp helped me feel loved by Christ." - S.W.

"I wanted to say a really big thank you!  You really helped me begin the journey of recovery and knock down some big walls, and I am so grateful for your guidance and your
help.  I could always trust you with what I said and never felt ashamed.  Thank you for helping to teach me that I do have a voice and can start to take back the memories that
have hurt me in the past.  Getting that burden off my back has been so amazing and for the first time in a long time, I feel free.  I’m ready to give up my ED and start living the
life God has for me.  And you’ve had such a vital part in helping me get to that point.  Thank you and God bless all you do." – S.L.

"Dr. Tharp is amazing.  He took a genuine interest in my life and recovery as opposed to just regulating my meds.  He provided me with an example of a Godly and loving man
who doesn’t take advantage of women." – C.E.

"Dr. Tharp is the most kind and compassionate/considerate doctor. He truly cares about his patients." – C.S.

"Dr. Tharp is one of the only males I’ve ever trusted.  He is an amazing therapist." – S.S.

"I don’t know what to say or even where to begin.  How can you thank someone for turning your life around?  You have given me hope when I was in despair, patience when I
was struggling, comfort when I was afraid, and confidence when I was doubting myself.  Thanks for being there for me.  I’ve told you before, there aren’t very many people I
trust but for some reason I felt comfortable with you from the start…I will be forever grateful for your constant support during my treatment.  When I got here I could barely
crawl, but now I know that I can fly.  You have made such an impact on my life and helped me begin to find my own identity. – M.K.
Dr. David Tharp, board certified psychiatrist and counselor, is ready to meet your counseling and psychiatric needs.  Offering a broad range of services, including
evaluation,  psychotherapy, counseling and medication management.  Call us if you are struggling with depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating
disorders, ADHD, family or marital issues, compulsive behaviors such as sexual addiction, post-traumatic stress related to past abuse, or self esteem issues.
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